The core of the imagine activity is the AI in the boardroombusiness game. The game is an interactive board game setup to simulate and imitate real-life challenges and experiential learning needed in the growth towards a data driven company. In addition, it is also a fun social moment between colleagues.

The game was setup because scientific evidence confirms that the use of games and simulators improves the learning process thanks to three reasons:

1. Learning by doing: The secret to success of business games resides in their capacity to represent real-life problems and their direct practice of knowledge and skills. Learners are given a safe environment (therefore lacking economic risks for the company) to immerse themselves in the same corporate issues that company executives might face when starting the data driven journey.

2. Interactive learning: Numerous studies demonstrate that our brains remember knowledge better if we actively participate or interact when learning it. Compared to classroom-based or video lessons, business games bolster the direct participation, including emotional involvement, of the learners.

3. Cost reduction: Unlike classroom lessons, business games can be quickly and securely be implemented at any location without the need for a heavy infrastructure.